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» What is Tantra?

Each and every one of us perceives life through the prism of our history, be it: education, place of birth, tradition, ideas learned at home, personal experiences, both positive and negative.  This big load, including our attitude towards our own bodies, our sexuality and spirituality, makes us rather subjective and limited in the way we perceive life. And it all starts as early as in our childhood.

Tantra is a set of tools which enhance our ability to experience life.  By re-accepting our bodies and sexuality we open ourselves to the vital part of life.  Through meditation and insight we expand our consciousness of experiencing everything that happens to us throughout life.

Tantra leads us towards the loving presence. This means that, as a result of our practice, we expand our experience of love as such, of loving and being loved staying at the same time in contact with the present reality of here and now.

Documented history of tantra dates back to 5000 years ago, indicating that this is one of the oldest still practiced paths of personal and spiritual growth.  Its roots come from India, from where they spread to Tibet and China, and  – as some people believe –even to Middle East, where it had an impact on mystical varieties of Islam, such as Sufism.

Tantra reached the West in the nineteenth and twentieth century along with fascination with the East.  The essential moment for development of its modern form was influence of a Hindu teacher named Osho, who combined western therapies with eastern meditation techniques in a special way.

Therefore, the contemporary tantra, which we represent, is an approach to life, which – thanks to its richness of tools – we experience more profoundly. More life in life.

Heavenly tantra journeys are an invitation to explore ourselves in a formwe truly believe the nature created us. We are multi-dimensional, colorful and full of passion human beings. Juicy, passionate and conscious. Awaken to live and aware of our mortality.

Contemporary Tantra

Contemporary Tantra is a concept that covers wide aspect of activities, characterized by the synthesis of Eastern mysticism and Western psychology and psychotherapy. Therefore the present is a skillful completion of Eastern and Western sciences about human nature. This synthesis constructs a new quality, which evolve and goes beyond it limits. This means that contemporary […]

Workshops information

During our workshops we do a lot of work with our bodies and emotions.  Therefore prior to coming to our workshops make sure that your physical and mental conditions are ready.  If you aren’t sure, please contact us via email or contact your doctor.What we are offering is: our professional support, our attention, and our […]


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