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Female Ejaculation & The G-Spot for Practitioners

Foundational Coursework with Deborah Sundahl


FOCUS: Learn to work adequately with female ejaculation and the female prostate (G-spot) on clients in a bodywork, clinical or sex education setting. Level One

This certification training with Deborah Sundahl will provide a firm basic foundation suitable for practitioners who desire to serve clients by helping them understand their female prostate pleasure and female ejaculation abilities. Also open to those who want to share with friends/family or individual interest.

The practitioner training is open to all women who have taken the weekend workshop or the webinar entitled Female Ejaculation and the G-spot with Deborah Sundahl.

In the weekend workshop or webinar, you locate, assess and learn techniques to awaken the sensitivity of your own G-spot, and how to build and release female ejaculate. In this 10-hour foundational certification course, you learn how to offer accurate and quality female prostate and female ejaculation education to clients in your bodywork or clinical practice, or to your friends and family. Specifically, by sharing this information, its resources and personal encouragement, you learn how to instruct others to awaken their sensations of the G-spot, how to build and release female ejaculate, and how to have a G-spot orgasm.

Female prostate anatomy and the techniques taught in the weekend workshop or webinar (awaken sensations, create G-spot orgasms, and build female ejaculate) are reviewed. Through questionnaires, reflection, visualization and Deborah’s guidance, you will construct a clear vision of how to integrate this essential information on female ejaculation and the G-spot into your work or personal goals. You will end the training day with practical steps to use toward actualizing your now well-defined goals.


25-Hour Female Ejaculation and the G-spot Foundational Coursework Certification

(15 hr. weekend workshop or webinar + 10 hr. practitioner training day)                                              

DATE: 1st of April 2019

PLACE: Warsaw  (details soon)

COST: 700 zloty + costs of the weekend workshop

To register:   www.tantraloveinfo@@gmail.com

DEBORAH SUNDAHL provides quality instruction on female ejaculation, G-spot orgasm, and awakening G-spot sensitivity to women and to couples. She has created this unique 25 hr. certification Female Ejaculation and the G-spot: Foundational Coursework for Practitioners to share her expert knowledge and commitment of 35 years with those who wish to teach this vital information to groups, in a private practice or to friends and family. Deborah is author of Female Ejaculation and the G-spot (2004/2014), Sex Educator, Seminar Leader and Speaker, Advocate for Adult Sex Education, Coach and Facilitator. 35 Years serving female sexual empowerment.



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