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„Methods of conscious communication with my partner and work with difficult emotions, such as anger, irritation, sadness turned out to be incredibly valuable for me. Even more so the JOINT conscious emotions management… Incredibly healing and making everyday life easier.” Maciek

„This workshop brought me internal peace. I got rid of some of my barriers. I see the world in different colours now. It is more colourful. I’m happy about it. I feel younger. I am so happy and I would like to meet you again.” Irek

„I thought I was a strong woman who can manage everything and just moves forward. Being here I understood I was also delicate and the shell I created in my mind was my defence from the world, from my loneliness…” Irena

„We’ve learnt many techniques and exercises that gradually slipped into our lives. We’ve left the workshop with a sack full of “goods” that help us whenever we need to regain balance, source some energy or get rid of tensions and stress.” Eliza and Marcin

„I came to the workshop mainly for the boundaries exercise we did.  And for this single sentence I said during the exercise: “you are my friend, but today I don’t have time for you.” Basia

„We learnt not to expect something from sex (everybody knows what – orgasm) – instead, we are trying to use it to experience each other, sensations and lots of pleasure. It makes it much more pleasant, always. No obligations, lots of love and intimacy.” Eliza & Marcin

„I came here with an intention of bringing myself back to life, bringing us back to life. I want to thank Mirek that he’s been here with me. I want to thank you, teachers, and all the participants for the possibility of being together in such a secure space. I feel our love has been rejuvenated although we’ve known each other with Mirek for 20 years now.” Asia

„When I came here I was asking myself what to focus on, what was important? Now, I know what to do in my life.”  Cezary

„I feel relieved cause for many years I have considered my savagery, passion, desires to be wrong. I kept stuffing it somewhere deep inside of me. I used to think – why am I this way, why are others normal? And here I finally gave myself absolution. I understood that what I have is beautiful.” Beata

„I appreciate what you are doing. It suits me. This space you are exploring. And I am grateful there is a place I can source from. I want to thank the whole group for creating such a beautiful circle. In the past I sat in different circles, but I must admit here we created a really beautiful one.” Mirek

„I experience Tantra and sexual energy as if I got connected to a battery and started feeling a free energy flow through my body. This energy is very strong, incredibly purifying and empowering. And it doesn’t really have anything to do with sex as it is commonly understood.” Andrzej

„After reading certain books and seeking intuitive solutions I started practicing Tantra with my partner. But hearing it all right from the source, from someone who’s learnt it, brings a totally different quality. No book can provide it.” Robert

„Coming to this workshop was another step on my personal development path. I would never expect it would be such an important one. I achieved something very important here. I transformed crutches I used in my life into paddles.” Hania

„We worked on one very important issue that was sitting somewhere in hiding, waiting to explode. Thanks to you and other participants of the workshop, in the atmosphere of trust and security, we were able to safely disarm this mine and thus reinforce our relationship.” Eliza & Marcin

„I have the feeling I managed to integrate my bright and dark sides. And I know I want to be somewhere in the middle. I don’t really want to be enlightened, but I also don’t want to be depressed. I want to live on the Earth. I just want to be me!” Kasia




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