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» Tantra in Paradise

We invite you to a paradise journey with tantra to one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Our life on the planet is short, therefore it is worth taking care of ourselves and let the experience of divine bliss and happiness take place.

It is true that happiness is an internal experience, but it is easier to experience it while being surrounded by a beautiful nature.

There are places in the world that simply take your breath away.  They bring us deep joy,  sense of relaxation  and fulfillment.

We can rest there, farm from the daily hustle and bustle, we can meet ourselves and those that are close to us.  We can see ourselves and the world from a different perspective.

The sound waves of the warm seas and oceans and coconut trees evokes in us longing for a paradise on Earth. There are places where you can really feel that. They foster our transformation.

Practice of tantra – which comes from India – is perfectly suited to experience its power when being surrounded by the most beautiful places on Earth.

We invite you to set out for such a once in a lifetime journey, or simply spend your holiday with us.

We have been on a couple of such journeys so far: India, Bali in Indonesia, and Croatia.

For more information, visit our paradise expedition site:




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