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» Tantra for couples

If you are in a partner relationship, where you dream about personal development and conscious striving to walk on the same path, then you are on the right page, because our offer specializes in tantra for couples.

When we meet with other pairs at the workshops, we feel joy that comes from sharing tools which we have and use in our own relationship. We offer you our attention and respect for your relationship, and our goal is to: strengthen the unquenchable Fire of Love and provide you with the secret tantra tools that will support your relationship on many levels in life.

We will teach you skillful communication and help with recognizing each other’s needs, going through difficult moments, finding a mutual Spirit of Your Relationship, your visions, and goals.

The foundation of our work is to have your body open to your partner.  We support your acceptance of yourselves and your own bodies.  We also share with you tools for intimate foreplay, which aims at stimulating and strengthening the heat of passion with help of tantra practices.

We  particularly warmly invite you to our year-long Training for Couples.  This special training consists of three one-week meetings that take place every six months.

Below you can find the list of our current proposals.  Some of them are open for everyone, i.e.  couples and singles (for example Magical Tantric New Year’s Eve ), while others are designed only for couples, e.g. the Training for Couples.


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