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» Rules and regulations

To register for a workshop, please, read and accept the following terms:

Terma and Conditions of Participation:

  1. The classes are open for everyone who is 18 years old or more.
  2. Past experience is not required, except for the workshops where this requirement is specified.
  3. During a workshop, from the moment it starts on the first day until it is finished on the last day, participants shall commit to no alcohol nor other mood-alternating substances consumption.
  4. Participants will undertake to keep all information about others confidential, unless otherwise notified.
  5. Places are limited, so sing-up in advance to enroll for a workshop.

Enrolment process and Fees:

  1. One shall be signed-up for a workshop the moment we receive an advance payment in the amount which is stated in the description of a workshop.
  2. The advance shall be returned only when the workshop is cancelled.
  3. In exceptional cases, the unused advance can be “transferred” to another workshop that will take place within three months from the date of the deposit.  The advance will be transferred provided that one notifies us about his/her resignation a week before the workshop for which the advance was paid starts.
  4. The due-date for the advance payment is usually sent by us via e-mail.
  5. The remaining amount should be paid by participants via bank transfer or by cash at the time pointed by us at workshop.
  6. In the case of late arrival or early departure, the workshop’s fee will not change.

Other rules:

  1. If you have seen the gallery on the TantraLove page then you already know that there are photos being taken at the workshops.  At the beginning of each workshop we ask participants for their permission to take photos, and we provide clear and understandable rules for their subsequent publication on our website.
  2. Signing-up for our workshop is an unequivocal agreement of the participant to receive our workshop offers through e-mail. At any given time the participant can unsubscribe from our newsletter by simply filling out the form, which is provided on our website.

By signing-up for our workshops you state that you have read, understood and agreed to the present rules and regulations.



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