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» Our mission

Our mission is to share the knowledge and the tools that support return to the acceptance of our bodies and their natural sexuality interconnected with spirituality.

Our goal is to widen spiritual experiences and love on individual levels, in relationships, within a community and in relation to the Mother Earth.

Our philosophy is: more life in life!

Our experience shows that:

Regained contact with our own bodies opens us to our instinctive, imprinted in million years of evolution knowledge about building healthy relations and living happily on the planet Earth.

Acceptance of our own sexual energy restores its natural circulation.  Natural circulation of our sexual energy opens us to the mystery of creation, being a sign of divinity in each and every one of us.

That is why we support: RETURN HOME as was and as the planet Earth is. We call this journey return to Paradise because we believe the Paradise is the state of inner balance, which we experience while walking on the Earth barefoot, feeling a tender touch of a person we love, and watching beautiful views of the Earth.



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