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Zosia i Dawid Rzepeccy

From David and Sophie Rzepecki:

The destiny wanted that we fell in love from the first moment we laid  eyes on each other, and by the time that first week passed we moved in together, forever. Finding one another outgrew our expectations and dreams. It turned out that together we were able to discover normality and simplicity in our relationship and that was the secret of happiness for us.

Back then, we thought that we loved each other so much that loving more would not be possible. Still, now, we love each other even more. How is that possible?

From the beginning we knew that we should cherish our relationship. Thanks to modern tantra and other psychotherapies we were learning and practicing, we received amazing tools that systematically increased our capacity and ability to experience love… Today, our 100 percent commitment is simply bigger than that the initial 100 percent. We can feel more, we have bigger understanding, and less doubts. We stumble less frequently, and we return to a healthy, normal relationship faster. Numerous life events and experiences each of us visited in our lives, as well as years spent on gaining knowledge – both, the academic one (psychology, philosophy, psychotherapy – we both studied three different psychotherapeutic systems), and the one resulting from personal growth (countless personal growth workshops) – made  us responsible for what we do with our relationship – even though it was destined for us and offered to us as a gift.

Our mission is to continuously grow and learn, and to take care of each other, but  – most importantly – to share that practical knowledge with others. We want to share tools supporting growth and nourishment of  and to change the world of human affairs for the better. We are particularly interested in openness of the heart, closeness and intimacy.

The interest in our venues continues to grow, and it spreads worldwide (we teach classes in India, on Bali and in Croatia). The Media writes about us. This gives us the feeling that the path which we follow is the path of a universal need, and that if you really want to be alive and feel that happiness and love are virtues worthy to fight for, then it is worth trying. There is nothing to lose, and a life to regain.

Sophie and David

Our mission

Our mission is to share the knowledge and the tools that support return to the acceptance of our bodies and their natural sexuality interconnected with spirituality. Our goal is to widen spiritual experiences and love on individual levels, in relationships, within a community and in relation to the Mother Earth. Our philosophy is: more life […]

Media about us

We are happy that Media , including the mainstream, is more and more interested in contemporary Tantra and our proposals. We are reaching millions of people with our “loving presence” message.  Feel free  to review press articles, TV shows, and Internet publications in which we have participated. If you are a journalist and you are […]


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