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Discover the G-spot – workshop for couples with Deborah Sundahl

DEBORAH SUNDAHL is a world renowned expert of female sexuality, the author of the bestseller “Female ejaculation and the G-spot: Not Your Mother’s Orgasm Book.”

The discovery of the potential of the G-spot and female ejaculation allows women to get to know better their own sexuality and experience a completely new quality in their sex life. To make this journey as a couples allows entrance into a whole new area of mature sexuality and opens a door to abiding intimacy.

In this workshop:

-You will find, you will see and feel your G-spot/your partner’s G-spot

-You’ll learn what level of pleasure your/her G-spot is experiencing is at this point, and you will know the methods of raising it

-You will learn to distinguish between a variety of sexual pleasure

-You will learn what is orgasm from the G-spot and how to experience it

-You will know the quality of intimate connection with your partner

-You will learn how to experience more joy and fulfillment in sex

-You will discover methods to communicate your deepest desires

-You will learn to distinguish between a variety of sexual pleasure

In this workshop you will learn also why the G-spot is called the physical, emotional and spiritual centre of female sexuality. You’ll understand why the inclusion of G-spot and female ejaculation to your sex life is the pillar that supports the intimacy you want and its firey passions.

The rest of the workshop, we recommend that you participate in evening seminar “Female Ejaculation and the G-spot”. In addition, that the female partner consider participating in the workshop for women.

Deborah Sundahl is an international expert in the field of female ejaculation.  For 26 years from the 1990s taught thousands of men and women around the world how to free the female fountain. Supports the strengthening of female sexuality and sex education. In her work also draws from the Tantric tradition and sacred sexuality. The former publisher (from 1984) of the first erotic magazine for women “On Our Back” she supported this magazine with her income as an erotic dancer. In the years 80 and 90 actively work in the feminist movements preaching the need for women to freely express their sexuality and erotic needs. During this time she also lead workshops, edit books and movies about female sexuality, the point G and ejaculation. This was in the days when most authorities did not recognized the existence of the G-spot, the female ejaculation phenomena or that women had a functioning female prostate. Later went on a spiritual path of tantra and sacred sexuality. Her mission has expanded to incorporate the spiritual, sacred aspects of the G-spot and female ejaculation. Knowledge of the Tantric path, as she says herself, had for her groundbreaking importance. With Tantra came the deep significance of the emotional and spiritual life of the woman.

In Poland, publisher Black Sheep issued her bestseller “Female Ejaculation and the G-spot: Not Your Mothers Orgasm Book.”

Time: 30-31 March 2019, 10:00 am – 5:30 pm

Place: Warsaw, Splot Artystyczny, Śniadeckich 17


  • payment on account before 15th of January – 1410 zl (from couple)
  • payment on account after 15th of January – 1520 zł (from couple)

Information and registration: tantraloveinfo@gmail.com

During this year’s visit to Poland, Deborah will also:

22 March 2019 -“Female ejaculation and the G-spot” – evening seminar >

23-24 March 2019 – “Discover your G-spot” – workshop for women >

We invite you to meet with this remarkable teacher of female sexuality!



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